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4-In-1 Dog Slow Bowl Feeder

4-In-1 Dog Slow Bowl Feeder

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You may have noticed that your dog has a poor habit of eating quickly, throwing water all over the place, and chowing down on their food as soon as they get it. Your dog or cat appears to have a digestive condition, causing him to vomit, choke, and gorge. Our multipurpose pet slow feeder bowl is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to enhance your dog's behavior and general health.

🐾 Assist in retraining your dog's unwanted behavior.
🐾 It prevents your dog from vomiting, choking, and gorging.
🐾 It helps avoid pets' food bloating and gastrointestinal discomfort.
🐾 Maintain a clean eating area for your dog.
🐾 Increase Interest in Food.

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🐾 Increase Dogs Interest In Food

You may help peak your dog's hunger by pouring some hot water and placing the stain-steel dish in it to slightly warm up below the dog's body temperature.

🐾 Slow Feeding Your Dog

The slow food bowl can prolong the feeding time of pets, which you can :

✔️ Use to assist in retraining your dog's unwanted behaviors.
✔️ Prevent your dog from vomiting, choking, and gorging.
✔️ Helps to avoid pets' food bloating and gastrointestinal discomfort.

🐾 Elevetad Designe

The food bowl is designed with a 15-degreeinclination angle, and the heightened design protects the pet's cervical vertebrae and has a reasonable eating height to reduce the burden on the spine. with an anti-spill structure to reduce spillage during pet feeding and avoid soiling the floor.

🐾 Safe And High Quality Materiels

Our bowl is made of 304 stainless steel and high-strenth PP to avoid bacterial growth and odor.

🐾 Split Design

Each part of the cat bowl adopts a split design, which can be disassembled and cleaned one by one to prevent the generation of peculiar smell, and it is safe for dishwasher.

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