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GooDePe™ Wireless Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain

GooDePe™ Wireless Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain

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We're all aware that changing the water in your cat's bowl daily takes significant time. That means you will have extra work to do at home!

Our GooDePe™ Pet Water Fountain

We've created this automatic cat drinking fountain to reduce the time and effort you will put into it at home.

By enhancing your cat's health and happiness and providing them with access to clean, filtered water throughout the day. This product is favored by countless busy cat owners because of its design, security, and simplicity of use.

Advantages of GooDePe™ Cat Water Fountain:

  • Enhance health & happiness
  • Protected and secured since it is wireless.
  • Gives your cat that incentive to drink water
  • Very quiet and simple to clean.
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Energy saver

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🐾Dual Power Supply

You may easily set your cat's water fountain in the ideal spot where it feels comfortable drinking water with these two options.

🐾 Ensure Your Cat's Health

One of the most common health problems in cats is chronic kidney disease due to poor hydration.

That's why your cat needs purified water and better hydration during the day.

🐾 Give Your Cat Natural And Tasty Water

Our fountain filters include sponge filters to remove hair and large debris, activated charcoal to soften the water and eliminate smells and poor taste, and a cationic resin to prevent kidney stones, making them ideal for cats who like drinking fresh-tasting natural water.

🐾 Automatic Detection

Our cutting-edge sensors are integrated in the fountain to help you save energy and increase the life of your batteries. They can identify your cat up to 120 cm away and have a 120° range.

🐾 Easy-To-Clean

The fountain and other components are simple to clean and disassemble for a thorough cleaning.

GooDePe™ Satisfaction Guarantee

We aspire to "light up" your life and your pet's world with our innovation and expert service across the world in the pet niche. After all, your and your pet's happiness is our number one priority at all times. Without your assistance and support, we wouldn't be able to continue offering the greatest products at reasonable costs. Goodepe™ would like to thank you for interacting with us and for choosing our pet supply store.