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GooDePe™ Slow Feeder

GooDePe™ Slow Feeder

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Say Goodbye to Wild Eating Habits and Hello to a Happier, Healthier Pet with Our GooDePe™ Slow Feeder!
✔️ Assist in retraining your dog's unwanted behavior.
✔️ It prevents your dog from vomiting, choking, and gorging.
✔️ It helps avoid pets' food bloating and gastrointestinal discomfort.
✔️ Works your dog's mind while reducing boredom and destructive behavior.
✔️ Increase Interest in Food.

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🐾 Transform your dog's behavior with Brain-Boosting exercises.

Train your dog to break bad eating habits using the "push to dispense" technique. This will help improve their patience and encourage them to work for their food, rather than gobbling it up instantly.

🐾 A Healthy Dog Life Begins with Slow Eating!

Slow feeding is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to prevent vomiting, choking, gorging, food bloating, and gastrointestinal discomfort in your dog.

🐾 Who says mealtime can't be fun?

Play is the key to a dog's happiness! Studies have shown that less play time leads to behavioral issues such as anxiety and aggression, and not coming when called. Transform mealtime into a fun and happy experience for your pet by keeping them engaged and challenged. Improving their mental health and reducing boredom while increasing their interest in food.


How do I teach my dog to use it? She just barked at it nonstop for 30 minutes until I took all the food out

When you present it to the pup, show them how to push it down. First, use just your hand. Then, move on to *gently* guiding their paw to do the push motion themselves. This should work, but not all pups are as easy as my little one. She is a total food hog! Good luck with your pawesome pal and I hope this helps

I can’t open the top to insert treats. Any hints?

It is tricky at first but with a little practice it becomes easy. Turn it upside down with the bowl in your left hand and the bottom facing up. Turn the bottom counter clockwise about 1/2 inch. The first few times you may have to giggle the clear bowl to get it to free up, eventually it loosens up. Fill the bowl then put the base back on and spin a bit until you feel it drop into the grooves then lock in by turning clockwise 1/2 inch.

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